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The outOfDate index is a simplistic measure of how out-of-date a dataset is: <0: unexpectedly from the future(!), <1: up-to-date, >=1: out-of-date, >=2: very out-of-date. For out-of-date datasets, there is presumably a problem with the data source, so ERDDAP is unable to access data from more recent time points.

10 matching datasets. This web page was generated at 2024-02-28T15:52:31Z .

outOfDate testOutOfDate maxTime datasetID title
███ 46.28173 now-3days 2023-10-12T19:35:37Z npby1_met NPBY1 - Pt Wells Meteorological Station Data
███ 44.787575 now-6days 2023-06-04T22:28:03Z nemo-ss_sbe37_historic NEMO Subsurface, Seabird SBE37 CTD, Historical data
███ 42.196316 now-3days 2023-10-25T01:44:36Z orca2_met ORCA2 - Hoodsport Meteorological Station Data
███ 22.314781 now-3days 2023-12-23T17:12:45Z orca1_met ORCA1 - Twanoh Meteorological Station Data
███ 20.95421 now-3days 2023-12-27T19:10:25Z orca3_met ORCA3 - Hansville Meteorological Station Data
███ 6.618423 now-3days 2024-02-08T19:20:58Z npby2_met NPBY2 - Carr Inlet Meteorological Station Data
███ 0.8666539 now-180days 2023-09-25T15:55:50Z nemo-chaba_met NEMO - ChaBa Meteorlogical - Gill Metpak Pro
███ 0.32991073 now-3days 2024-02-27T16:07:19Z orca4_met ORCA4 - Dabob Bay Meteorological Station Data
███ 0.16929705 now-365days 2023-12-28T20:50:00Z backyardbuoys_quileute Quileute Test Wave Buoy
███ 9.042967E-5 now-365days 2024-02-28T15:05:00Z backyardbuoys_quinault Quinault Test Wave Buoy

This web page was generated at 2024-02-28T15:52:31Z .
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